Monday, May 22, 2006

Organization Profile

Ubungo River Side, P.O.Box 62921 Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel; +255 0746 027419, +255 0764 499836.
Email, tap_org@yahoo.com


Tanzania Animals Protection Organization (TAPO), a registered non-government organization with registration No. 00NGO/0777.

The following are our Mission, Vision, Aims, and Objectives.

MISSION: To protect all Animals from Tortures, Cruelty, Abused, Diseases and killings in the country of Tanzania.

2. VISION; All Animals shall be respected as living beings like human beings.

3. AIMS: Our aims are to foster and promote the compassionate to Animals improvement and development of any matter concerning the protection of Animals. Understanding and appreciation of the Animals among the people of Tanzania without getting any profit.


To promote respect and compassionate for Animals through our activities, campaigns, public and school educational programmed.

To transform the way Animals are treated and perceived by human.

To make enforcement of existing Animals laws and anti-poaching campaigns.

To promote vegetarianism as the healthier life of eating.

To build Animals homes, Shelter, sanctuary.

To prevent unwanted and over population Animals and birds through our neutering and out reach programmed.

To see condition in Animals auction marts, Zoos, poultry farms, Animals breeders and people houses.

To provide wildlife conservation education in schools and public

To develop and deliver practical advises on the prevention and control of noticeable and endemic diseases in Tanzania livestock’s and other animals



We believe that, Animal as living creatures are entitles to legal protection, moral and ethical consideration and have value beyond economic measurement.

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