Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Activists call for justice on animal’s rights

Tanzania joined the international community in marking the World Farm Animal Day on Monday by reviewing efforts being taken to protect animals.

This year’s theme of the celebration was ”Compassionate to Animals Peace to Human beings, ” says a press statement issued in Dar es Salaam by the Tanzania Animals Protection Organisation, (TAPO).

According to TAPO Chairman, Yohana Kashililah the day is dedicated to exposing, mourning and memorialising the needless suffering and death of 50 billion innocent, feeling animals in factory farms, slaughterhouses, transport systems, people’s houses and any where else.

The Day has been organised since 1983 by non-profit public interest organisation based in Washington D.C., USA.

”WFAD activities include vigils, marches, leafleting, tabling and exhibiting more dramatic events include street theatre, cage-ins and video rigs,” notes the statement.

The broad support for WFAD, says the statement, reflects a deep and widespread public concern with the excesses of animal agriculture.

”Many believe that as long as animals are killed for food, they are owed a humane treatment during their short lives. Consumers are concerned about meat safety and are switching to plant-based alternatives,” says the statement.

Animal activists use the day to send a message of justice and compassion around the world for animals.

”We believe that Animals as living creatures,are entitled to legal protection, moral, and ethical consideration, and have value beyond economic measurement,” says the statement.

Writer: The Guardian

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