Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Just seen this in the Arusha Times. I am so happy. It's only the beginning, but a massive step in the right direction.

As ever, Sarah

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Animal Welfare Bill to end cruelty

From a Correspondent

Being either a cow, goat, donkey, dog, cat or chicken in Arusha is a horrifying life. The animals are left to roam freely in Arusha’s dusty roads and streets to fend for themselves, and yet they have owners.

Chickens, although they are a delicacy in most homes and restaurants, are the most cruelly treated especially when bundled on wheel barrows or transported on bicycles upside down heading to be slaughtered in “Nyama Choma” places.

The situation, however, will soon work out in favour of the animals and birds as the National Assembly has passed the Animal Welfare Act, 2008 Bill that safeguards the rights and welfare of animals, especially domestic ones.

Presenting the Bill in the House on Tuesday, the Minister for Livestock Development and Fisheries, Mr. John Magufuli, said over 43,000 Tanzanians have signed a paper that declares how animals should be treated.

He said the society had a role to play in seeing that animals are well protected, because they contribute immensely to socio-economic lives of the entire nation.

The Bill has categorically demonstrated how animals should be treated and how to use them in economic activities, including involving them in carrying luggage.

Mr. Magufuli told the House that if animals are properly used, they can contribute a lot in economy, and in environment conservation.

Under the Bill, some by-laws would be introduced to explain how people keeping domestic animals like cows, donkeys, goats, dogs and rabbits should treat them.

Susan Lyimo (Special Seats – CHADEMA) called for the establishment of animal clinics and salons in the country.

Mr. Mwadini Jecha (Utaani-CUF) said there was a need for the society to respect animals they keep at home, because they bring them some income.

Mr. Ibrahim Sanya (Mji Mkongwe – CUF) said since animals bring huge profits to human beings, there was a need to take care of their safety.

He called upon people transporting animals from one post to another to make sure that such creatures do not suffer from unnecessary pain.

Mr. Charles Keenja (Ubungo-CCM) condemned those mistreating animals and the society should seriously deal with such people.

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